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If you were looking for our sister company, please click on black Powder Incense, the finest incense available in the renaissance faire/pyrate festival market.  

we are the only manufacturer in the united states, possibly the world,  of eastern orthodox christian incense sticks and cones, for christian devotional use.

April 2013:  Please click here for our latest News.   In short, I want to share this with you:  DFI is "going back to Faire".  Please pray for us!

So many things to tell you!  Vigil oils are back sooner than expected, many new products on our Icon Corner page, and many other things to share with you.  Please scroll down for all our latest news or click here: News.

Spiritual First Aid Kits are ready!  Click here to order!

Last year, in 2012, Desert Fathers Incense gave away, for free, (yes, FREE) over 1500 packets of Orthodox Christian incense to those who could not afford them, from the USA to Europe, to Africa, to Asia.  Won't you browse our site to see how you can help us?  Our goal is to give away 1,000,000 packets all over the world, bringing light, peace and hope to people who need it.

Please read these announcements! They are very important for our customers to know and understand.

February 7, 2013
We have many wonderful things in store for our customers this year!
Very soon, we will be offering some unique gift items on our "Icon Corner Stuff" page, including Christian/Celtic themed tapestries that can be used in icon corners, bedspreads, even curtains.  
Other new items include a few new types of burners, because some that we have carried in the past are no longer obtainable.  Columbina's Spiritual First Aid Kits are coming back with three new choices!  No more, "one size fits all".  We are offering kits for the Converts, the Eastern Orthodox and the Coptic/Ethiopian Orthodox, all tailor-made for the individual's needs.

We regret price increases, but the time has come and after "doing the math", I have had to raise sticks and cones up to $5.00 per pack.  Raw resins, Liturgical blends and Athonite Incense have been raised to $7.00 per ounce.
The price increase is necessary in order that I can continue this work.  International import tariffs, and customs charges, not to mention the price of resins and fragrance essences,  have forced me to do this.

But the good news is:  Colossal Cones are coming! :) I will be offering 2 and a half inch cones in all our regular fragrances.  These will burn longer and offer more punch for your money.  When they are ready, you will see them offered on the website for $5.50 per pack.

Wholesale Orders:
We now require a minimum of $75.00 for wholesale orders. Discounts remain the same.  Please contact me, Columbina, for all details.

Other Announcements:
December 2012:
Effective in October, we began limiting our work hours each week.  I (Columbina) can no longer handle working 7 days a week, at all hours of the night.  I am no longer processing orders on Sundays or Mondays.  Please understand.  I need some rest.  If you place an order from Saturday night into Monday, they will not be processed until Tuesday and/or shipped until Wednesday.  My health is on the line and I just can't handle the 24/7 schedule like I used to.  I'm getting older, and I now have to admit it and allow for it.

Desert Fathers Incense is the only producer of Orthodox Christian stick and cone incense in North America.  We hope and pray that our work is pleasing to the Lord, and that you will find our products to be above and beyond your expectation.  
We also produce traditional liturgical incense, as well as other types, and we are honored to sell the finest Christian incense accessories available.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and that you will pray for us in our mission, as stated below.

One Hope - One Love - One Peace,

Our Mission:

To provide every home with Orthodox Christian incense and the light of the Gospel, regardless of their ability to pay.

Please browse our site to see how you can help fulfill our mission.

St. Abo the Perfumer of Georgia

By the hand of Matthew Garrett

 St. Moses the Ethiopian